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Gas Drilling In Pennsylvania

We represent landowners owning over 60,000 acres throughout Western Pennsylvania.

Leasing is now targeted and developmental. Some areas such as Allegheny, Washington, and parts of Greene County, Pennsylvania are witnessing a very competitive leasing market. We are able to bring competitive leases from multiple companies to our clients. We can advise you of the best values and terms in the marketplace. A company’s standard oil and gas lease most often permits broad use of the surface. Buried within the lease are myriad ways to take financial advantage of a landowner.

Our company works together with the landowner to craft an individual lease respectful of surface value and with considerations for all of the complex financial terms. We understand that many of our landowners live on the property, farm it or hold the property as their most important financial asset. We want the landowner to make the most of their opportunity in leasing. Our responsibility is to the landowner only.

It is helpful to understand the leasing market and its practices. You may be approached by a gas broker presenting a standard gas lease. Please understand that the broker is looking to lease your property and “flip” the lease to a gas company. The broker makes his money on the “flip” by purchasing the lease and assigning it immediately to a gas company for more money than the owner just paid.  Brokers sometimes do not disclose the nature of the transaction and create the appearance that the broker is a gas company.

We help you identify the party leasing in your area and the fair terms available. The gas company and broker are looking out for their own interests. We focus upon your best interests. We are advisers and consultants. We will market your gas rights and negotiate a fair lease for you. Our vision is to bring to you expert advice and services in the leasing your gas rights. The day of signing a gas lease at the kitchen table with a land agent you just met, are over. These are complicated financial transactions. Consult an expert!

Should you lease your land to a Gas Company?

Leasing your property for gas drilling is a serious decision.

You should take a cautious, careful and calculated approach to gas leasing. You should not be hurried nor pressured to enter a lease. This is a serious business decision involving tens of thousands of dollars if not more. Most gas leases will last years. Should your property produce gas during the term of the lease, the lease could bind your property for ten, twenty or more years. Sometimes much longer.

As a landowner you could be risking the loss of thousands of dollars, if not more, in royalty and other sources of income if you sign a lease without consulting an expert. Here is how we can help.

Why Choose Us

We can aggressively market your gas rights. We track leasing, well permitting, pipeline development, and company interest to analyze the market in your local area. We can advise you on lease value, the prospective developers and the appropriate time to lease. We have the best interest of our client in mind. We will market your property directly to the gas company(s) with an interest in your area. We will build a leasing strategy specifically for you as well as  advise you through the entire process. Contact Us.