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Western Pennsylvania Gas Leasing Consultants LLC represents 60,000 acres of landowner clients in managing their oil and gas interests. We track values in leasing, pipeline right of way, surface use and the sale of oil and gas rights. We follow well production reports together with other geological data to keep current in the marketplace.

Hire an expert to guide you through the leasing provisions. We provide high-quality expert services with individual attention, multiple approaches and many options for you to consider.

Our mission is to guide our clients throughout pipeline development, maximizing income and value. We have successfully negotiated surface valve sites, compressor stations and other above ground facilities for our clients.

Surface Use Agreements are legal contracts between gas or pipeline companies and the landowner that govern the company’s use of the surface of your property. We assure the highest financial terms while limiting surface uses.

We have found that landowners lack sufficient information to make a knowledgeable decision. Industry does not share the necessary information with landowners. Our Company provides the landowner with an industry expertise.  


Pipeline right

of way negotiating

Surface Use Agreements

Sale of oil and gas interests

The landowner’s expert in managing oil and gas interests

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The Landowner’s Expert